The One Thing training has changed my management style, both personally and professionally. On the personal level, it gave me the conceptual tools to create important routines in my own life. For example, setting aside 10 minutes a day at the very beginning to review my calendar and to-do list, with any eye for priority, and priority is the key, I now ask myself, what is the most important item that I must get accomplished today?    On the professional level, I learned the power of batching questions together. Rather than interrupting my staff with a question at a time, I now keep a list of questions and schedule a quick meeting where all gathered questions are asked at one time. This keeps my staff from multiple disruptions.

Al Hearne II, M. Div, M. Ed.
Superintendent – Castro Valley, CA


I took the ONE Thing class with Brad and it was fabulous. I’m feeling inspired and motivated. I have a framework and a plan for improving my life, business and relationships. It’s truly a holistic approach. Since the class, I’ve been doing the weekly and daily planning like Brad suggested and it has saved significant time, and more importantly, it has decreased my stress because I’m not surprised by things popping up on my schedule that I had forgotten about. There are goals and strategies that I want to spend more time working on and I know that the time I invest will be given back to me in increased productivity. Thank you, Brad!

Andrea Pritchett
Chiropractor – Dublin, CA


If you are considering Brad Warren’s ONE Thing workshop, I highly recommend it!

I was surprised to learn how much time I wasted by losing focus, and how to best block myself and my time for maximum productivity.  I particularly liked the info on work-life balancing, which has always been a challenge for me as a home-based business owner.

Overall, the core concept of the workshop is to pick a large but obtainable goal and break it down into manageable weekly goals.  By focusing on specific activities and blocking them into my calendar, I am getting closer and closer to accomplishing my goals every day. This quickly turned into an instinctual habit where I now am subconsciously asking myself “Does this activity align with my goal?”  If not, I don’t do it.  It’s now so easy to block out the noise and to focus, whereas before I would do anything anyone invited me to do.  The power of focusing on just ONE Thing is amazing!   Besides giving me the ability to say no, I am way more confident, and people are aligning with me because they see me as a leader.   Thanks, Brad, for an incredible workshop!

Jake Adams, Adams Accounting